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Greetings! Isnít the Internet a wonderful thing?

If you are here, you must be at least a little interested in our mission in Honduras. We moved here to Tegucigalpa in August of 2000 to work in a optometry clinic that we helped start while we were here previously for four months in 1999. We came to know this town and the Church we work with through short term mission trips with FCO (Fellowship of Christian Optometrists) while Valerie was attending IU.

Our work here involves seeing poorer people and giving them decent eye care, which most of them can not afford. We also host groups from the US that want to help the Church here in construction, food distribution, visiting hospitals, and other activities.

The clinic here sees not only patients for eye care but also has a full time general practitioner doctor as well. We trust that by meeting the physical needs of the patients we can also minister to their spiritual needs as well.

Do you have questions? Did we leave out some information that is driving you nuts? Are you just curious about Honduras, Hondurans, or Central America? Do you want to know why the sky is blue? Would you like to bring a group from your Church, work, or whatever? Well then, take a minute and write us a letter at We would love to hear from you.

Also, you can find out more information about us, Honduras, the mission, and more at our website and our blog at


Trevor (Felipe) and Valerie Colby

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